FLIP Fluids

The FLIP fluids addon will be released on may 1st 2018!

This site is under construction

The addon is actually in development. This site is planned to be ready in the beginning of may 2018.
Please visit our facebook-site to read more about this project.



For artists and enthausiasts!

The FLIP Fluids Blender add-on allows both artists and simulation enthusiasts to do so much more than they could ever imagine within Blender. The work and care put into this add-on is incredible, and has allowed me to expand my knowledge and abilities on multiple levels. A must have for any avid Blender user.

Grant Wilk
Host of Remington Graphics and CGC Weekly

A game changer!

Having this kind of power inside of Blender is a complete game changer. To be able to stay within the program that I am so comfortable in and create these kind of FX is amazing. If you are wanting to add liquid simulations to your skill set, this addon is a must have!

Lawrence Jaeger
3D & Motion Design Artist

A very promising fluid simulation plugin!

A very promising fluid simulation plugin for Blender with a top-notch feature set, including whitewater bubbles and foam. I worked with the beta to get some great visual results from Blender and was very happy with the stable simulation bakes at a range of solver resolutions. Looking forward to integrating FLIP Fluids into my animation production workflow!

Joel Howe
Technical Animator

We are the FLIP fluids addon team: