FLIP fluids addon for Blender

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For artists and enthausiasts!

The FLIP Fluids Blender add-on allows both artists and simulation enthusiasts to do so much more than they could ever imagine within Blender. The work and care put into this add-on is incredible, and has allowed me to expand my knowledge and abilities on multiple levels. A must have for any avid Blender user.

Grant Wilk
Host of Remington Graphics and CGC Weekly

A game changer!

Having this kind of power inside of Blender is a complete game changer. To be able to stay within the program that I am so comfortable in and create these kind of FX is amazing. If you are wanting to add liquid simulations to your skill set, this addon is a must have!

Lawrence Jaeger
3D & Motion Design Artist

A very promising fluid simulation plugin!

A very promising fluid simulation plugin for Blender with a top-notch feature set, including whitewater bubbles and foam. I worked with the beta to get some great visual results from Blender and was very happy with the stable simulation bakes at a range of solver resolutions. Looking forward to integrating FLIP Fluids into my animation production workflow!

Joel Howe
Technical Animator

We are the FLIP fluids addon team: